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Personal Defence Presentations

"When you are walking in the mall or on the street, ask yourself two questions – who is around me and what are they doing?"
"What you wear, and what it says about you!

Do you know there’s something called a “victim profile”?
True story! Criminals profile their victims before striking. Studies have shown that victims of petty crime, in general, have many things in common. Lack of Awareness tops the list.

Intuition is a wonderful thing. To a certain extent, it can be learned. Combining what he has learned in the police force, martial arts training, law and, strangely enough, from his roles in acting, Jack offers entertaining and practical lessons in Awareness and Personal Self Defence.

There’s a story about two men facing a lion in the wild. The one slowly bends down and removes his shoes. His friend asks why and he replies “So that I can run faster.” His friend says “Useless. You will never outrun a lion.” Taking off at speed, the friend replies “Don’t have to – as long as I can outrun you.”

In his presentation “Be the least likely Victim,” delegates will learn how not to be a victim, how to avoid hijacking, how to recognise the warning signs, and simple self defence tactics.

Jack also conducts Corporate Team Building days on a shooting range. One of his most popular courses, “What Every Civilian Should Know” covers such frequently asked questions as ‘what do I do if I’m involved in an accident?’ Or ‘what is a sworn statement and how do I write one?’ Its questions like these that motivated Jack to put together a simple programme designed to give civilians an insight into the why’s and how’s of the law we are forced to confront from time to time.