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Jack Training for Actors, Writers, Directors

Have you ever wondered why a cop folds his hands in front of him when he stops to talk to a suspicious looking character in the street? It’s so that he’s ready to take action if the suspect pulls a knife or a gun on him.  It’s the Interview Stance, and even though it might look ‘Harry casual’ it’s actually a cleverly concealed springboard to action.

Now, have you ever wondered why some actors playing cops or robbers in a movie or soapie are just not “Real”?  They just don’t know the body language.

It may be great landing a role as a cop or a gunman in a drama series or movie, but it’s going to be a challenge if you’ve never held a gun in your life. Actors need to look authentic on screen.  If playing a cop, the Actor needs to know how to handle a weapon, how a cop moves, how he walks into a room, how he interrogates a suspect. 

The key to a convincing performance lies in detailed preparation.  Jack is well versed in police tactics and runs courses for actors, writers and directors on weapon handling, South African police jargon and behaviour.