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  • 1

    Jack as MC

    No matter how well known in the public domain, a good MC instinctively knows how to focus attention on the event and its message.

  • 2

    Voice Work

    A voice can make or break an ad campaign. A honeyed, sexy voice will get people to increase the volume.

  • 3

    Jack as Speaker

    Drawing on his experiences as a policeman, some very painful and some revealing, Jack?s talks focus on motivation, overcoming personal challenge and reinventing yourself

  • 4

    Jack as Actor

    Cop/Actor is an unusual combination. Throughout 9 years in the Police Force, Jack managed, to continue acting, while working his beat as a cop.

  • 5

    Personal Defence Presentations

    Intuition is a wonderful thing. To a certain extent, it can be learned. Combining what he has learned in the police force, martial arts training, law and, strangely enough, from his roles in acting

  • 6

    Jack as Charity Ambassador

    Jack believes in giving back to the community and has served as ambassador to the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, Crime Line, CHOC and the SAPS Widows and Orphans Fund

  • 7

    Jack Training for Actors

    Have you ever wondered why a cop folds his hands in front of him when he stops to talk to a suspicious looking character in the street?